Testing QA and Support

At Vastika Inc, we aim to provide complete testing, QA and support service for making your software error free. We want your complete peace of mind that your software products will grant flawless and exceptional customer support. Our service is not about just finding bugs; instead, we also provide a complete error report for recording everything.

No matter, it is manual or automated testing our experts go for in-depth research from the roots. They identify all the sequence and patterns of errors for resolving the issue. In simple words, we eliminate not only bugs but also their root cause. We raise the bar of your software performance drastically.

What Do We do?

Vastika Inc wants to provide innovative testing and QA that will help you execute smoothly and improve performance. When you choose us, we assure you that your application will run without errors.

All your browsers, devices and screens will be tested one by one by our experts. We will enhance the quality of your applications through test planning, requirement definition and verification, test case design and defect management. We are open to both types of testing manual and automated.

Manual QA is a bit difficult as a human can commit errors. At Vastika Inc we provide both technical and non-technical testing through experienced QA members. They resolve the existing software faults, and you will never get the report of the same error again in the future. Our team makes QA as quick and honest as possible.


This approach is most trusted, so we write scripts for your software and run them passively. It proves to be beneficial because all bugs can be identified through complex automation techniques. Our experts are adept in their work; they know how to test the software as per client’s timing. They make the whole QA process less distracted for the customers.


Why We Are Best For QA and Support

At Vastika Inc, you are our priority. We give you authentic ideas and approaches that will grant you trustworthy QA and support at an affordable offshore cost. We work with you quickly and communicate to get all your issues. What makes us different from the rest include:

Vastika Inc works for growing you and allow you to keep a check on our work. Our staff is scalable to answer you until the contract is running. We have complete reports and scheduling system for giving you everything in your hand.


We connect you with the latest testing tools for having transparent progress tracking and testing. Our expert QA engineers use an automated environment for helping you figure out the progress. The quality will be in front of you as both customer and Vastika Inc is at the same point. Your software applications will be having: Reliability, Stability, Portability, Maintainability, Usability, Security


Vastika Inc Testing Services and QA

At Vastika Inc, we treat our customers as our family, and we work for making them comfortable. Our experts are excellent in their job; they know how to make your work extraordinary.

Our engineers went through precise testing to break things so that clients will never face these hurdles in the future. Our clients trust us, and we put all our skills in satisfying you’re testing and QA needs.

This test validates that your software functions are working as they are supposed to do for smooth customer experience.

This test assures that changing the number of clients or load will not affect the performance of the software.


This test assures that the new code will not affect the previous working of the software.

This test makes your software capable of running on different devices and systems.