Services We Offer

Serving the individual needs of our clients through innovative and robust solutions

Staff Augmentation

We are offering the services of experienced developers within 2-3 days and develop a team as per your need

Software Development

We always figure out the best ways of transforming your idea into reality. Our primary focus is to create engaging and user-friendly solutions.

Mobile App Development

High-end mobile application development services of Vastika Inc are open for every small and big enterprise. Contact us freely and use our services.

Project Management

Vastika Inc is open to help anyone in your project. Our project management service guarantees that you will get your work done on time.

Digital Marketing

Vastika Inc is open to doing everything in digital marketing service. You will get results and boost your business and online presence with our help.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services are best for you if you want to maintain your environment. Contact us and take the best solution at Vastika Inc.


Out Sourcing proves beneficial for both small and big companies. IT outsourcing can proffer as per need with the integration of IT management and support services.

IT Consulting

In this modern era of technology, there is not a single organization which can grow without technology transformation. Technology is the only way by which companies can grow by leaps and bounds.

Automation- Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is one of the most significant technology and getting higher and higher with each second. Various companies and businesses are trying to use AI for competing.

Testing QA & Support

No matter, it is manual or automated testing our experts go for in-depth research from the roots. They identify all the sequence and patterns of errors for resolving the issue.

Mobile Testing

Almost 25% of the users delete an app after installing it once and remove it permanently. They never use the app again. It means that all the work, effort, time and budget invested on the app are wasted entirely.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can transforms digital strategies by seamlessly integrating intelligent systems into content management workflows.

Permanent Staffing & Recruitment Services

With our experienced team of 'Permanent hiring' specialized recruiters and a huge database of experienced professionals, Vastika helps your business succeed by delivering TOP talent in quick turnaround time.