About us

We are an IT service augmentation and consulting company that provides cost-effective, quality IT and Software Engineering services to our clients. At Vastika, our focus is to deliver great customer experience which adds tremendous strategic and economic value to a business. Whether you are looking to hire permanent employees, new resources for contracts, or temp to hire employees, Vastika can serve your needs. We understand the recruiting challenges confronting companies in today’s dynamic market and we are here to help. We are dedicated to serving the individual needs of our clients through innovative and robust solutions, reliable service, personalized attention, and flexibility. Since 2008, we have stood by our commitments to:
  • Produce cutting-edge technology and high-quality services
  • Be a leading IT consulting company Provide cost-effective solutions
  • Prioritize client satisfaction
  • Make your success our success

To be able to fulfill every requirement in the IT industry.
To be a preferred partner of every organization we work with.
We will make you find the difference.


Our mission is to provide cost-effective high-quality IT solutions by providing experienced IT professionals to solve everyday business challenges and to fully satisfy our clients maintaining a strong relationship.


Vastika Inc. is committed in creating diversity in the workplace. It is a key initiative of our business strategy and a key component of our organizations plan.


Our core values

Our customers are the most important stakeholder in our business and Our main goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our buyers and suppliers are our allies. We strive to create long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

We work as a team. We believe in sharing ideas to sustain and for profitable growth. We facilitate the interview and deal with the candidate directly for you.

We maintain a constant dialog with you even after the candidate has been placed to check on his/her performance and progress.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service. This is our number one priority.

Message to Our Partners

Building a long term relationship with our partners is one of our core values. Currently, we are looking to expand our business, and we are very interested in working with our partners to achieve this goal. Only by working together are we fully equipped in serving our stakeholders. Consider this message as a welcome letter to form an alliance with us so that we can mutually satisfy our clients’ needs and achieve profitable growth.

We are a company filled with energy and the desire to succeed and we are expanding rapidly into new markets. Our growth lies in our flexibility to; make prompt business decisions and maintain reasonable rates and our rates are very reasonable because of our low: overhead, administrative, and fee expenses.