Mobile Testing

Mobile apps are widely used in business. These apps provide many benefits to enterprises, company, bank, telecom operators and retailers. Mobile applications are the primary source of communication and face of any organization now.

Customers not only want apps but they also desire to experience the ease of use and performance. Mobile testing is a way to initiate functional errors, performance problems, security issues that are disrupting the working of mobile apps.

Almost 25% of the users delete an app after installing it once and remove it permanently. They never use the app again. It means that all the work, effort, time and budget invested on the app are wasted entirely. What is the way through which you can secure your apps from such devastating situation? The solution is only as discussed above Mobile app testing.

Vastika Inc is ready to provide this service for securing your apps. Our engineers look deeply into the mobile technology specifications, as well as on non-functional and functional app features. They figure out everything that can interrupt the app work like network disability and disturbance by the call.

Mobile Testing Service we deliver

Mobile device users need high performance and speed immediately. For getting these things done, Vastika Inc offers various services and offers for providing you mobile testing solutions. We make sure that your app works appropriately on multiple platforms and devices.

The most important question related to an app is “what the app do?”. No matter how attractive, speedy and engaging your application is if it does not do what it is supposed to do it is a flop. If your mobile app crashes while doing a specific task user will abandon it. Our professional tests the functions of the app entirely to ensure that the app performs all the tasks efficiently and meet user requirements at its best. The back functionally is critically tested for prevention of future crashes.


Malicious activities and hackers are increasingly days by day. A single hacking attack can bring great loss to customers and companies both. Vastika Inc is here to perform penetration testing for simulating the hacking attack. With the use of our ethical hackers, we can quickly identify the security holes in your app and recommend the best way of filling these holes. Even server testing is also performed for large apps.

Vastika Inc analyzes your app and tests it thoroughly. Our team makes sure that your app has a user-friendly UI. We also help you surrounding the significant functions of the app and appealing UX that offers a brilliant user familiarity. If your app is not usable and easy to use, investing will not help. Our team tests your app in a way to get either it is easy and friendly for the customers or not. The audience you are targeting will get it, love it and use it will be revealed after usability testing.

Careful planning is crucial while designing a smart mobile testing automation plan. Vastika Inc uses keyword and data-driven approach for testing automation. We apply it on performance, regression and functional testing also. Our professionals ensure the efficiency and eminence of your app. We also provide you a suitable release time that can make your app a buzz.

Though a lot of people love your app, there is a significant ratio of unhappy users. However, it’s your job to maximize the number of unhappy clients. Make sure that your app should run appropriately on beleaguered devices and mobile browsers. Our testing series will guarantee that your app passes the entire test and offers an enchanting UX in all the cases.

Performance of an application has a significant impact on our lives. Many issues stumble the performance of the app like a weak signal, extra load, and interference from nearby devices. Vastika Inc, mobile performance testing service, is for targeting usability, reliability, load and stress errors. We also test even the large applications of big businesses. We make a performance test on big apps also. Vastika Inc automates your app using both free and paid tools. Feel free to reach us and use our service for having an unbreakable mobile app.