Business Intelligence

Vastika Inc is here to turn insight into an impact. We have set the basis for a new generation of business intelligence. Everything like analyzing and blending your extensive data to leverage third-party system is available at Vastika Inc. Our business intelligence services smoothly prepare dashboards that guarantee that our clients always remain up to date with the latest information. We provide you various techniques through which you can identify the latest trends and drag your business further via informed choice. Our business intelligence dashboards are simple and easy to manage and offer you vast analytical flexibility.

What WE Do?

Vastika Inc understands your needs of business intelligence services; hence, we have been offering end to end business intelligence services. From the start to end anything your need will be provided here by us. Our services of business intelligence include consulting and deployment, visualization, test and much more. We treat every client as our first and focus on his business requirements. We deliver the services that meet your business needs accurately.

Vastika Inc is created to empower any business’s semantic bars. Its purpose is to have a centralized architecture that can save data integrity and precision. But, advance data blending is necessary for maintaining elasticity in BI solution.

In the whole BI Life cycle from testing to production and so on, Vastika Inc opens various tools for you that can automate the BI life cycle successfully. It helps our clients to monitor real time usage and validate data quality.

You can reuse the objects as much as you can so broadcast range increase drastically with this when objects are blended with scalable in-memory architecture the functionality increases. Vastika Inc can offer you personalized analytics of every member with an expert team of small people.


Vastika Inc business intelligence Procedure

The procedure of our business intelligence service is based on the following steps:
Vastika Inc helps every customer develop an effective BI strategy that allows their business to grow. We also ensure the data quality and design focusing on the optimization of architecture. You also get automated reporting regarding your policy so that you can decide well. The decision making becomes easy, and you can satisfy more customer needs with our business strategy. The ROI of a BI project also gets higher and benefit you.

Vastika Inc is well familiar with the BI environment; hence we offer a robust environment. Depending on your needs, our business intelligence services cover everything from hardware consulting to software. We suggest a lot of useful technologies and creating a data warehouse. Vastika Inc also helps you in getting software licenses and data cleaning process. Anything you want will be at a step away at Vastika Inc.


The data visualization service that we offer in our BI section, we assist our clients to see beyond the numbers. We want them to pay attention to relevant information and highlight new trends and changes. Besides we also help our customers in reports and dashboards for specific user roles. The security challenges you are facing for years are not going to be held up more; we take care of all security flaws. Creating mobile version in necessary hence we also do this as per customer demand.


Creating and designing a business intelligence solution is not a big thing if it can’t work correctly. Therefore, we test and check every solution that it works as it is expected to be. Various tests is designed for making sure that the solution is perfect like load testing and performance testing.


Vastika Inc is also open to those customers who already have a business intelligence solution, but they are not familiar with how to take the best of it. We carefully analyze your existing solution for checking that the technologies you have are compatible enough or not. After checking if we think that everything is balanced, it’s good enough, but in case you need any improvement we can do this for you.

Consulting WP – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.