Staff Augmentation

There is an increasing thirst to reduce cost and improve operational competence through technological reforms. Developing in house aptitudes to fulfill all projects can be risky or expensive for your business when the IT needs of a company are changing endlessly. However, in this modern world falling behind in IT can lead to destruction. Isn’t it much beneficial to hire someone else as per the need on contract? Yes, it’s a much helpful approach.

Staff augmentation makes it easy for a business to hire other developers without increasing the budget. In a way, utilizing human resources based on the needs and skills according to the requirement. It’s a contract-based work in which professionals work for you only for a limited period.

Vastika Inc having qualified and able staff that supplies every skill you need for your project. We are offering the services of experienced developers within 2-3 days and develop a team as per your need. Our staff is having in-depth knowledge of backend, frontend, and other IT technologies. Hire certified human resources to be engaged on a requirement basis to enhance existing staff via a contract.

Why Staff Augmentation?

  • Many times, your employees are not skillful for a particular set of requirements. In this case, hiring someone part time or full time proves beneficial for the company.
  • It can help you satisfy your long term, and short term staff needs so that you are always on hand for IT solutions.
  • This model is much helpful when you are in a complex project, and you are looking for someone who can complement your staff without being a permanent member of your team.
  • Hiring for just a single project is much beneficial for enterprises.

Why Vastika Inc?

Vastika Inc is a trustworthy staff augmentation company which is empowered with the right resources and right skill set. Our staff services help the clients to execute large IT projects and technology initiatives within no time. Our staff augmentation strategy is entirely different from others; we believe in strong process orientation. We keep track all of all the things and manage contract through reporting and timekeeping.

We have a range of dedicated developers as per customer needs. Our staff comprises of mid-range and high range developers who work based on the intensity of the project. They end up your IT solutions within minimal time keeping the quality high.

Vastika Inc works professionally and actively with every client. We keep a complete record of everything and document it for transparency. We plan before we dig into development. Every step is adequately prepared by experts.

Vastika Inc provides staffing services at an affordable cost. But, we never compromise on the quality. You will always get the best services as you are our priority.

Our Quality Assurance team is also highly qualified to help you test all flaws. They check and make your products ready for the customers.

The most critical asset of Vastika Inc is the client. We resolve ourselves as per customer needs. Our services are highly customer-centric, and we try to add more value to your project by going a mile higher. Our domains and skills are revolutionized on the demand of the client.

Services at Vastika Inc

At Vastika Inc, we have different models regarding staff augmentation, and customers can select the one which is appropriate for their needs.

If you have a small project or your employee is absent you can use our dedicated staff resources for a day or some hours. All types of developers either junior or mid-level are readily available as per your demand with modern IT infrastructure. Communication is also proved to tackle the tasks and the staff quickly.

If you are working on some fixed project and need full help for fulfilling the project on time, this model is best for you. Hire our professionals for a limited time at a limited cost so that they can accomplish the project. It is much beneficial for the enterprise to deal with complex solutions.

Vastika Inc also offers the services of hiring a complete dedicated team on monthly basis for a specific project. They work uniquely for you and on your resources. It will add transparency, scalability, flexibility and security. Even our team can work for you permanently as long as you need. Besides we also have service of contract staffing.

Contract Staffing

Vastika Inc offers world best services of contract staffing. Companies who are looking for workforce can use our leading staff based on contract for various industries. We are leading in this approach to provide employees cost-effective and skilled staff members that are capable of performing your required task. We will effectively commit employer and contract. Almost every company looks for contract staffing as it saves them from liability of workforce.

The procedure of Contrast Staffing

Add flexibility to your business or enterprise by getting employees for short term. Vastika Inc has experienced staff that is strong enough to execute all industry demands. Many skillful persons are in our teams that are ready to work on a contract basis. They can handle various roles much effectively and quickly. Vastika Inc immediately accesses your needs and objectives of your business for providing you a line-up of a useful and productive group of candidates.

Why Contract Staffing is a great Utility

Contract staffing is a newly introduced term, but it’s a utility for all the businesses. Most significant and popular are having a lot of benefits by hiring other positions for their complex tasks. Various business goals and objectives are carried out with this technique. Either you are looking for sales, management, support or administrative support we can provide you, staff. Your company can cut a lot of cost with contract staffing.

Hire candidates from Vastika Inc, and they will do your work in the form of an assignment within the field time and amount. Our dealing system and payroll technique are clear enough so that you can equip yourself with the person of the desired role.

Vastika Inc is always available to cover your IT staffing requirements for any duration. Discuss your scheme with us, and we will provide the best assessment according to our capabilities. Feel free to contact our customer care.

Consulting with us – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.